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Why Choose FAT?

You need a website! People will be looking for you or your business online.
What is holding you back ?
It could be crazy prices, long waits, not wanting to learn another thing, or even your valuable time. So let us do it for you! After we get a design locked in you don’t have to do a thing! Just watch that sweet traffic flow.


Waiting on a website to be designed and built is no fun. That’s why our primary focus is getting you your products out quick so you can have the online presence you need.

Consistent Pricing

One low monthly fee. The end. No more paying for each redesign, each update, each little change with a complicated table of pricing.

Works For You

Every website we build will reflect you or your business. No AI shortcuts, real people, real design and made specifically to your needs.

BesT Services Best Prices

What you see is what you get! We believe in providing you great service at an affordable rate, with what you need and not what you don't! At any level you will get what we consider standard (maybe even essential!) services other companies charge a premium for or trap you into paying more after you make a payment.

Compare our services for yourself.
We are a small business; we believe in small businesses succeeding. Today this means you need an online presence. Sure, there are AI bots that can help, and there are other sites that say “it’s so easy, just point and click!”
Wouldn’t it be great if you could get someone else to do it all for you? What about for the same price or less?
We think so! That’s why we offer competitive pricing beginning at only $100. That way you can get started online and be up and running FAST, without putting something else on your plate.
You need a website. So let FAT Web Services handle it all for you and spend more time on what you want to focus on.
  • Email
  • Professional Design
  • Secure Monitoring
  • Online Stores
  • SSL Security
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Website Analytics
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Custom Domain
  • Privacy
  • Human Support

Three Steps To Your New Site

How it Works


Answer Some Questions

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We Plan & Design

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We Deliver & Launch

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Choose your plan

Single Page

$ 100
Per Month
  • 1 Domain Name
  • Hosting & Design
  • Dynamic Single Site
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Site Analytics
  • G Suite Upgrade


$ 100
+ Per Month
  • 1 Domain Name
  • Hosting & Design
  • Up to 5 Pages
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Site Analytics
  • G Suite Upgrade

* GSuite Upgrade gives you access to your own website’s email through the comfort of Google. Includes unlimited cloud storage via Google Drive. $12 per month per user, this is Google’s Fee.

Ready To Get Going?

(512) 337-3840

available from 10:00 – 19:00


More Info

Maybe you have a few more questions.

You May Be Wondering

Think about when you search. You go to a website mostly to find an address, a phone number, business hours or to ask a quick question and maybe see what to expect from the physical business.

Most of that can be accomplished in one simple page, making it easier and more affordable for small businesses to have a high quality online presence.

We do! We love single page sites. You can still click around and move but all the information is right where it needs to be. Great for small businesses that want to get their potential customers exactly what they need as easily as possible.

Absolutely. Multiple pages makes it much easier to see where customers are engaging on your site, what they are looking at and for how long.

They are also better for companies wishing to publish blogs or news articles often.

There are also disadvantages, one being companies will need much more content to keep users engaged.

Five pages is usually all it takes! We can of course add more but find most sites require only these 5 pages:
About Us

This also helps us get your website up and running faster without hounding you for more content to add.

Yes! Please. We think this is the perfect way to go. Start with the basics and see what your customers want or need from your site. No need to start out wanting everything to only realize less will do just as well.

Great! We hope you do!  We can usually transfer over your website to our services easily. We can either redesign your website or copy it over to our servers if you are the sole owner.

Yes, of course! You can have up to 20 per site. However, this is just basic webmail or an IMAP server. We  recommend you upgrade to Gsuite for addresses you use often.

Website Package Breakdown

Yes. We want to help small businesses become relevant online with high quality design and usability.

When it comes to custom code, paywalls, memberships, multisites, web aps etc; we do charge more. Other sites make you pay for this upfront and hope you don’t need it. We would rather you build up to this level of customization than start there.

A domain is just the website address. We will work together to find you a perfect .com, .org or any other site you want as long as it’s available. We provide one domain for each package.

Yes. We don’t separate the two. We offer a complete solution to your online needs. We will design and keep the website up and running as long as you want to stay with  us!

There are all kinds of attacks people will try on any website they can. Most of the time it isn’t personal which means it might happen when you least expect it. We prevent that by utilizing high tech security and continual 24/7/365 monitoring of your site. All included!

One of  the most powerful features we can offer are analytics about your website. Who visited, when, how long they stayed, where they came from etc. This can help you target your customers easier, plan and analyize ad campaigns, increaase your search rank and much more!

Yes, GSuite is kind of expensive at $12 a user. However, it is the comfort of using mail, calendars, and other web apps you are already used to and with Google’s fantastic support. Also included is unlimited storage and the ability to easily collaborate with all your employees.
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